Media Content Streaming

Today's viewers expect a high quality experience when viewing today's online content. Massive multiplayer online gaming, live events widely streamed online, or simply your organization's latest training video will be abandoned if the experience is anything less than flawless. Oikos Networks’ next generation MCS platform utilizes our unmatched footprint and technological expertise to deliver the best possible experience – at scale – to leading media, gaming and software companies who know they’ll need nothing less than the best to compete in today’s “any device, anywhere” reality.

Benefits of MCS

Consumers expect a flawless viewing experience and instant access to high definition video content on any screen. Delivering OTT video, software updates, games, social media, news and other content must also be seamless, fast and scalable. Oikos Networks’ Media Content Streaming Solutions help you engage audiences globally by delivering content at the highest quality wherever and whenever users want – without having to build out costly infrastructure – to scale with the growth and complexity of different connected device types.

Bandwidth Adaptive Media Delivery

Deliver video content at the highest quality and increase audience engagement by adapting in real time to each user’s available bandwidth

 - Optimize video delivery quality and performance for global audiences on any screen, anywhere
 - Scale rapidly and ensure reliability for large audiences, planned or unexpected
 - Provide a high-quality viewing experience that audiences increasingly expect

Download Delivery Optimization

Deliver large files fast including software updates, games and progressive media to increase download completion rates

 - Improve software download completion rates
 - Scale globally on demand without costly application network build-out
 - Fully customizable UI and actionable analytics

Infinite Media Acceleration

Accelerate video delivery for your business and enable broadcast quality TV experiences for online audiences

 - Deliver sustained high quality OTT streaming video for growing online audiences
 - Accelerate video contribution and distribution globally with sustained quality and reliability
 - Deliver sustained high quality streaming video events inside an enterprise environment

Dynamic Web Delivery

Deliver whole web pages that require offload to manage traffic growth and infrastructure costs

 - Maximize infrastructure cost savings
 - Hosting platform agnostic
 - Self-provision and self-service configuration capabilities

Distributed Data Storage

Maximize content delivery performance and expedite workflows with a globally distributed cloud-based storage solution

 - Gain resiliency and web performance through global distribution
 - Improve viewer engagement as the network dynamically selects the highest performing region from which to serve content
 - Replicate content easily when a geographical location needs higher performance

Media Processing Services

Simplify the preparation of online media with transcoding, digital rights management and dynamic packaging

 - Get high-immediacy online video content to market faster
 - Support multiple web devices, browser types and formats
 - Optimized outputs tuned for delivery across the Oikos Networks’ network

Media Analytics

Comprehensive analytics to measure online video quality and audience behavior

 - Increase web audience engagement with tailored analytics
 - Monitor online events or product launches in real time
 - Gain and share insight into online media distribution

Adaptive Media Player

Customize and simplify your media player deployment with a dedicated team of experts

 - Unified media playback experience across platforms
 - Access to player APIs to ensure a unified media viewing experience across multiple devices
 - Seamless integration with leading analytics and advertising solutions

Predictive Content Delivery

Preposition videos on your mobile device for instant startup, with no buffering, and offline viewing

 - Provide an exceptional on-the-go video experience
 - Eliminate load times with instant start-up video play
 - Scale the delivery of high bitrate video to media apps