Managed Cloud

Certified AWS and VMWare Cloud Experts with over 6 years of experience – ready to help make Cloud work for you!

Our team of Cloud experts are ready to consult and design the best Cloud strategy for your requirements, deliver and implement the project and provide proactive support, monitoring and management. Click the links below for more information, or contact us to find out more.

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)

    You can rest assured that you’ve come to the best place to design and implement your AWS Cloud solution. Our extensive knowledge of the AWS technology suite, coupled with our tight partnership with AWS expertise and our years of experience, means we can help you make the most of your AWS investment.

  • Google Cloud

    Our experience in Google Cloud makes sure your infrastructure safe and effectively managed. Starting from Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, to Cloud Load Balancing. Our DevOps engineer will codify, and will train your engineers to codify every single Google Cloud infrastructure via Terraform.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Not quite ready to fully transition into the Cloud? We have the professional and technical services to help you design, deploy and support your hybrid environment. We have experience in building for both hybrid digital and non digital work loads.

  • VMWare

    We provide dedicated VM hosting, customised and built for your specific requirements. Our VMware-based hosting solutions, are designed to be fault tolerant, eliminating single points of failure, with optimised performance. It can be configured for public and private Cloud deployments.