IT Support

Being on top of technological innovations is a key driver for your business today. Changes in Information Technology can happen overnight and it could be a major challenge keeping up with these significant developments. This is particularly true if you rely heavily on software systems and solutions to ensure maximum productivity and to profitably deliver on your various day-to-day operations. Dejectedly, hardware failures and system glitches can happen which could gravely affect your mission-critical business applications and thereby upset your bottom line. For this reason, IT Support Services from a highly-capable and dependable service provider is imperative.

Oikos Networks is an esteemed IT Support Services provider implementing savvy, cutting-edge, and cost-effective solutions for your most crucial technology needs. We will help you leverage your Information Technology Ecosystem to achieve your business’ maximum potential. Moreover, you will no longer have to worry about downtimes and system shutdowns. Our expert IT Support Service personnel will ensure that all of your IT-related troubles are detected early and addressed immediately.

Take advantage of the services we offer, such as:

  • Office_Network_Solutions

    Office Network Solutions

    We offer strategic and focused office network for your downtown offices. We design, build and maintain IT network architecture, and we setup wireless access for enhanced staff flexibility for both protection and growth. Whether you need VPNs, LANs, ADSL, more servers, e-mail, cabling, we got it all for you.

  • Server_Maintenance

    Server Maintenance

    With our pro-active 7x24 server monitoring maintenance, we keep your servers updated and always running. We offer post-warranty onsite break-fix support so even the most critical servers are safe with us. We have locally stocked parts and low account-to-engineer ratio for quicker and reliable support.

  • Server_Purchase_Financing

    Server Purchase & Financing

    We offer a precise configuration for your server purchases and we analyze our client's project brief and requirements. Strictly following and comprehensive standard guideline, we help our clients order and spend only what they need, no more, no less - ensuring cost efficiency and securing dependable integrity.

  • AWS_Migration

    AWS Migration

    Scaling your cloud computing has never been more efficient and more secure for developers with our AWS Migration Service under our dedicated IT Support. We offer seamless migration to your new cloud server with complete control of your computing resources. This means you pay only for what you use.

  • Chef_Automation

    Chef Automation

    Get your business in-synced with the fast-advancing tech world and keep up with your competitors by automating your servers. With Chef Automation, achieving infrastructure speed, scale and consistency has never been this easier. Translating your infrastructure as code gives you ultimate efficiency.

  • Google_Apps_Migration

    Google Apps Migration/Setup

    We offer streamlined transition to G Suite where you and your team will enjoy bringing ideas together faster through Machine Intelligence that makes your business less busy. Google boasts that they have the most advanced cloud infrastructure in the industry, and we absolutely want this for your company.

  • Google_Analytics

    Google Analytics Setup

    Avoid wasting time and money and have your Google Analytics setup only by our certified experts. When we do it, we do it right. Setting up this tool lets you easily and customizably measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video and social networking sites and applications - real time!

  • Google_AdWords

    Google AdWords Campaign Setup & Optimization

    From scratch to completion, and from deployment to agile development, we do it all for you so you can work on other aspects in your company. We will setup your account and create and effective ad campaign with defined targets. We than monitor, prune, continuously improve based on the results.

  • Dell_HP_Purchasing

    Dell & HP Purchasing & Service

    Love Dell and HP products? We have a readily available support team that's both fast and reliable all the time. Rest assured that our customer support agents are not only friendly, but also very professional and genuine experts at solving problems and helping people. We are here, and we are ready, locally.

  • Office_Video_Audio

    Office Video & Audio Setup

    Jumpstart your workplace by letting us set up a killer audio/visual system for your office. We offer not only the latest and the best hardware that the industry offers, but also sophisticated software that that's very easy for any of your employees to learn and manage. Very ideal for collaborative workplaces.

  • Virtual_Conference

    Virtual Conference Setup Solutions

    Transform your business together with the rest of the world through Virtual Conferencing, where it has never been easier to network and collaborate with real people, real time. Not only it is one of the most cost effective and environmental friendly IT Solutions ever, it is also highly customizable.

  • Telephone_System

    Telephone System Setup

    Effective communication infrastructures are essential for any thriving enterprise. Regardless of your company's office size, whether your premises are buildings apart, we are able to professionally and quickly setup and systematic telephone system for the ease of your employees and the success of your business.

  • Corporate_Security

    Corporate Security Solutions

    We offer a full-service integrated corporate security for companies of all sizes, have a number of packaged software and equipment solutions to choose from - well as hybrid combinations that lets you customize and choose only what you need for your business. Secure your business today, contact us.

  • Virtualization_Migrations

    Virtualization & Migrations to the Cloud

    With your requirements and specifications in mind, we virtualize your systems and build custom cloud network with careful planning and cautions execution. We make extra sure that everything is vendor compatible for your private cloud's efficiency. This service includes top-notch cloud security integration to ensure your data's safety.

  • Backup_Strategy

    Image-Based Backup Strategy & Implementation

    An overall backup solution that saves everything to the core is a growing demand that we choose to help supply. This technology will enable you to save your entire Operating System and all files associated with it. Our service includes implementing strategic methods that will manage your current system flawlessly.

  • Cloud_Backup

    Cloud Backup Implementation

    Looking for the right cloud backup service? We provide and agnostic hardware and software that enables you to leverage your existing infrastructure. We guarantee seamless implementation and ongoing support that allows re-deployment of IT resources and strategic revenue generating initiatives.

Experience Premium IT Services

In a fast growing world with ever advancing technologies, expert IT is a must for every thriving enterprise that aims to win. Contact us today and find out why our clients keep coming back.