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Data Center Hardware Purchase

Hardware Purchase

Servers, routers, switches, firewalls, storages, generators, UPS, AC... there are a lot of data center hardwares that every company will need to consider when preparing to build private data centers.

Does hardware purchasing give you a headache? Worried that after buying hardware and it will be obsolete soon? Oikos is your best partner for this. Our hardware expertise has 10 years experience for data center hardware. We work with brand name vendors to offer our client the best solution. We customize your hardware requirement. We understand your budget is always limited. So we help you achieve your goal with the budget you have.

Making sure that your software and hardware are in compliance with each other can be a huge hassle for the technology challenged individual. Here at Oikos Networks, we understand that each business is as unique as its owner. We have extensive knowledge of software purchasing for each different industry, whether it be in the retail, restaurant, automotive, legal, construction or medical fields (HIPAA compliance), etc.

You can avoid the unexpected costs and headaches by letting Oikos Networks’ experts purchase and install any software you require. Our friendly technicians will also review the software for any hardware compliance that is required to run it.